About Us

Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Sennen is a natural resource company focused on the exploration and development of potash resources through the Monument Potash Project. The Monument Project is located in San Juan County in South East Utah and Dolores Country in South West Colorado, USA. 

Sennen successfully secured its interest in the project in late in 2012 with Paradox Basin Resources. Sennen is fully engaged in executing its strategic plan to efficiently explore, develop and ultimately produce potash, with the current focus of advancing exploration and drilling on the property, which comprises 100,000 net mineral acres.

Early highlights of the Monument Project include:

  • POTASH DEMAND: Potash is, and will continue to be, in demand, given increasing requirements of the global agricultural industry, which must respond to meet the needs of exponential population growth.
  • RIGHT LOCATION: The Monument Project location in Utah represents an area with: significant, established and relevant mining activities; well-established infrastructure, including oil, gas, power and rail links; as well as close proximity to one of the world's largest agricultural markets.
  • GOOD GEOLOGY: This location has simple terrain and geology, as well as early indications of high grades and temperatures.
  • SIMPLE MINING: The technical fundamentals at this location appear supportive of lower cost solution mining, a process that is typically preferable to traditional underground mining of potash.
  • LOW COST: Early indications of potential for low development cost operations given 1) the potential to use solution mining techniques, which are cost-efficient, and 2) the pursuit of rapid results, through the use of year round solar energy for evaporation of brines in surface ponds, thereby saving both time and energy.
  • WELL-POSITIONED: Available data compares very favourably to peers
  • STRONG TEAM: Our team at Sennen combines sound technical expertise and seasoned corporate experience in order to achieve objectives and deliver results.